napfcheck e-Coaching is personal advice from one of our vets for all questions relating to dog and cat nutrition.

A "look analysis" of your current feeding is also possible. Here we do not do a detailed ration check, but first evaluate your ration on the basis of the ingredients and supplements used and give you feedback as to whether and if so what we would optimise.

This general counselling within the framework of our e-coaching is charged according to time and assessed at 29 € per quarter of an hour (minute billing).

Some examples of typical questions and topics:

  • Which type of food is best for my animal (and me)?
  • Declara...what? What does the information on the packaging mean?
  • What should I pay attention to when choosing food?
  • Ready-made food or freshly prepared?
  • Can I combine different types of food?
  • Differences between extruded and cold-pressed dried fodder
  • How much should my pet drink per day?
  • Cat-friendly feeding and indoor housing
  • Special nutritional requirements in special phases of life
  • How many meals should you feed?
  • My dog eats grass/feces all the time, does he have a deficiency?
  • Causes and help for fasting vomiting, smacking, soft faeces
  • Why does my dog have flatulence?
  • Carbohydrate-free diet for giardia infestation?
  • Is a faecal examination sufficient or when should one deworm?
  • My animal scratches itself all the time, can this come from the food?
  • How can you positively influence the coat gloss?
  • etc. …
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