Moro's carrot soup as a home remedy for diarrhoeal diseases

Background: At the beginning of the 20th century, when antibiotics were not yet available, the Heidelberg paediatrician Prof. Ernst Moro created a carrot soup named after him, which drastically reduced the death and complication rate in children at the time due to diarrhoeal diseases. Pharmacologists later deciphered the secret of this great (and delicious) soup. When carrots are cooked, certain substances (oligogalacturonides) are produced that are similar to the receptors of the intestinal mucosa and to which pathogenic intestinal germs dock. This prevents them from adhering to the intestinal wall and eliminates the pathogens.

And this is how it is done: Boil 500 g of peeled carrots in one litre of water for one hour. Then puree the carrots in a blender, pour the porridge again with boiled water to one litre and add three grams of cooking salt. This soup can be fed several times a day in smaller quantities.