For the individual consultation we need various information about your animal, your previous feeding and your feeding wishes.

Please fill out the corresponding questionnaire and return it to us by e-mail, fax or post. You can also photograph the pages and email them to us. As soon as we have received your documents, we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

If your animal suffers from a chronic disease, please also send us the relevant findings as well as the current laboratory tests.

We always try to deal with your request as promptly as possible. We prefer acute cases if necessary.

For general consultations within the framework of our e-Coaching, please simply fill out the enquiry form below. Thank you very much!

Enquiry form for e-Coaching (general counselling)

We look forward to your enquiry!
Please give us a brief description of your questions or topics you would like to discuss with us.
For a "food look analysis", please list all feed additives and, if applicable, treats, including quantities.
Click or drag a file into this area to upload.
Here you can send us photos (e.g. of the food, feeding or drinking place), videos or documents. We are also always happy to receive a photo of your pet!

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