The physical changes associated with ageing place special demands on nutrition.

An important positive effect for a "good life in old age" is a moderate energy intake. In old age, the energy requirement decreases, on the one hand due to the reduction of muscles, and on the other hand due to a decrease in activity.

On the other hand, the risk of disease increases with age (especially heart and kidney diseases), which should be taken into account when feeding. A sufficient or increased supply of trace elements and certain vitamins is recommended.

Some animals are prone to constipation in old age, which is due to reduced intestinal motor function. The addition of dietary fibre, e.g. in the form of vegetable fibre (available on request), can help.

Another problem that often occurs in old age is a reduced appetite. This is usually caused by a reduced sense of smell or taste. In such cases, you should heat the food or add some fish, brewer's yeast or milk. It is also possible to add small amounts of liver.

Various senior products are available in the shops and we will be happy to advise you on them. Alternatively, we can also prepare a tasty ration for your pet to prepare itself, according to your pet's taste and individual needs.