Eggs are very valuable and tasty feed. The protein is particularly high quality and the composition of the amino acids (protein building blocks) is ideal. Eggs contain many sulphurous amino acids and are also very low in purine. Eggs, or at least the egg white, should best be fed cooked, because raw egg white contains on the one hand a trypsin inhibitor, which impairs protein digestion, and on the other hand avidin, also known as "anti-vitamin H", which binds biotin. Both substances are heat-labile and are inactivated by cooking.

Egg yolks are particularly rich in fat and contain many essential fatty acids (especially linoleic acid), fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A and D) and biotin. The good old saying that one raw egg yolk a week makes the coat shine is therefore no coincidence.  

Eggshells also have it all, because they are the most calcium-rich feed there is. The calcium content varies between 36 and 40%. The calcium is present as inorganic calcium carbonate and is very readily available for dogs and cats.