Our counselling services are calculated according to the current service catalogue of the Veterinary Fee Schedule (GOT, 2017) based on time and complexity. All prices include VAT.

  1. Questions about the procedure - free of charge
  2. e-Coaching (Counselling without feeding plan) - 29 € per quarter of an hour
  3. Healthy animals
    • "Quick & Easy Advice" (with review/feed plan) - €100 to €160
    • BARF advice (with review/food plan) - €150 to €220
    • Veggie advice (with review/food plan) - €150 to €200
    • Cat advice (feeding advice, environmental analysis) - €150 to €200
    • Puppy consultation (with check-up/food plan) - €150 to €200
    • Breeding bitch consultation (with check/feed plan) - €150 to €250
  4. Sick animals
  5. Follow-up consultations (according to time spent and questions asked) - from € 19
  6. Second pet surcharge - from €50

The prices quoted are non-binding and are based on the complexity and the time required for the entire consultation. This includes the review and analysis of the documents, the personal conversation(s), the preparation of the feed plan (for one or more rations), the writing or graphics and, if necessary, a contact or referral back to the attending veterinarian. Deviations of the indicated prices upwards or downwards are therefore possible.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us in advance.